Calling all World Youth Congress Delegates: Where are you now?

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Did you ever attend a World Youth Congress? Then we want to hear from you, whether you were in:

  • Hawaii in 1999
  • Casablanca, Morocco in 2003,
  • Stirling, Scotland in August 2005,
  • Quebec, Canada in August 2008,
  • Istanbul, Turkey in August 2010 and/or
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August 2012.

Please email a high-quality photo and a brief blurb answering:

1. What are you doing now? (i.e. your job, interests, hobbies and where you are living now – please no more than 100 words)

2. What impact do you think the Congress had on you? Did it affect what you did after either with your life and/or subsequent career choices?

The management of the WYC series is moving to Hawaii next year, and we want to create a new page for the WYC website featuring photos and info about former delegates.

We would like to get the new site up and running for our Hawaii team by early 2015, so please email Lubna as soon as you can.

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