Your 2-Minute Guide to the World Youth Congress

The WYC is a gathering of young activists from all over the world who are focused on expanding the role of youth in sustainable development. While each congress is unique, a number of common strands unite the WYC series:


Collaborating with older generations, young people take the lead on the content of the programme, the selection of the delegates, the staffing of the Congress, the choice of speakers…….EVERYTHING!?


Before: delegates are encouraged to undertake projects and experiments.

During: skills and capacities are built upon by Local Action Projects, where delegate and hosts can get to know one another while doing a project.

After: Peace Child International (PCI) generates grants for 15-20 “Post-Congress Action projects” developed by delegates, which show real potential of creating positive community change.

A strong cultural and arts programme:

PCI seeks to promote all forms of communication (song, dance, jokes, painting, and anything else you can think of) to promote youth messages in the most powerful possible manner.

A friendly and cooperative environment:

where young people and experienced sustainability experts can meet on equal terms in informal round table discussions and learn from one another.