Global Education

New Global Learning Opportunities

We are in the business of education about global issues and produced our first Study Guide in 1983. We’re fully committed to this and have now successfully produced over thirty books and training manuals, nearly all of which were co-written, edited and illustrated by young people. We’ve also run many training courses and global programmes.

We’ve three new innovative global education programmes which emerged from Peace Child’s 2020 UN 75th Anniversary Festival.

Model Citizens’ Assemblies

These are set around encouraging schools and community groups to host intergenerational inquiries into existential threats to humanity’s future.

Luton Sustainability Project

A Luton Schools pilot project was initiated to raise awareness and develop local action plans to accelerate achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – which we hope will be replicated around the world.

UN Day Festival 2021

An hour long ‘State of the Planet’ report framed in a Concert from a fictional Control room of Spaceship Planet Earth at the UN Headquarters. This exciting Concert is designed to be distributed in different language versions for every UN member State every year on UN Day (October 24).