Youth Empowerment

Creating Jobs and Reducing Poverty

Helping disadvantaged young people achieve their full potential

We empower disadvantaged young people escape a vicious cycle of poverty.

We give them the self-confidence, skills and experience they need to get a job or start a business of their own.

Work The Change

In the UK – Employability

Helping disadvantaged young people in the UK

In the UK, young people are nearly three times as likely to be unemployed as the rest of the population – the largest gap for more than 20 years. Peace Child helps disadvantaged young people make themselves employable through innovative youth-led, peer-to-peer training programmes.

In West Africa – Entrepreneurship

Reducing poverty in Africa

In West Africa, there simply aren’t enough jobs. In some parts, more than half of young people are outside the labour force. Their best chance of surviving is to start a business of their own. Peace Child is helping the world’s most vulnerable young people to develop the skills they need to do this.

Transforming Youth Lives Together

Young people empowered to change lives for good. With your support we will reach thousands more!

We are passionate about youth issues

Our youth networks help design and manage our programmes. In turn, we represent their interests at the highest levels of global decision-making at the UN, World Bank and with governments across the world.