6 Peace-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Halloween isn’t the most peaceful and calm of holidays – and we’re not suggesting you make it so – but Halloween is a holiday that celebrates the fun and freedom of youth. Make a statement for peace with these costume ideas:

1. Hippie

The 60s was all about peace and love. Get in touch with your inner child, find some baggy jeans and a tye-dye shirt and let your hair down, man.


2. Olive branch

Usher in a new era of peace and (sustainable) prosperity by decking yourself in leaves and the colour green.


3. Peace sign

For those who prefer the more literal approach, a peace sign costume may be for you. If you don’t find the round shape flattering, get creative (T-shirt and some spray paint?).


4. Dove

Dress in white, find a beak and practice cooing.


5. Love

The indefinable emotion of love costume is obviously open to a great deal of interpretation. Dress as a literal heart, a cupid, etc. Pictured is Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of Love (to be fair, the Roman Empire did have the Pax Romana – a 200-year span of peace unparalleled in modern times).


6. Earth

Wear blue, splash some green continents on there and viola – you are our planet Earth.


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