Let’s train 60,000 young entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

“They tell me: ‘Start a company! Create your own job!’ But nothing in my schooling has taught me how to do this.”

These are the words of Rahul from India, spoken at the World Youth Congress in Rio de Janeiro. They sum up the frustration felt by Millions of potential young entrepreneurs that are being failed by education systems that are not equipping them for the modern job market.

  • 83% of jobs in LDCs are in the enterprise sector

  • 122 million young Africans will enter the labour market by 2020

  • 1 million jobs a month must be created in Africa to keep up with incoming job seekers

  • £18 billion is the estimated cost of the skills shortage in the UK

  • 50% of UK employers think schools should develop awareness of working life

Our Solution

2015 is a pivotal year. The world is about to embark on a new journey guided by new Sustainable Development Goals that will define our path for development.

Initiatives like our employability programme Work the Change and our entrepreneurial training centres Be the Change Academies are the way to prepare young people for the job market and create the entrepreneurs that countries need.

2015 is a pivotal year. The world is about to embark on a new journey guided by new Sustainable Development Goals that will define our path for development.

Train 60,000 young people in employability skills and business

Expand reach in the UK to homeless youth and young people in children’s homes

Open 30 new training academies across Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

Offer non-collateralised loans to at least 12,000 of the graduates and providing ongoing mentorship and support to build their businesses

Lobby national governments and convince at least three to introduce our entrepreneurial training into high schools and colleges

Expand our network of youth leaders in developed and developing countries, engaging them to share ideas and lobby for effective youth policies, focusing on national education provision

Theory of Change

At Peace Child, we’ve developed a unique model to create fundamental and self-sustaining change on a scale far beyond what we could achieve on our own. Our theory of change creates a virtuous circle: young people are trained to train others, who train and mentor others, and so on – creating young entrepreneurs that fuel economic development, create more jobs and boost further development.


We talk to our network of tens of thousands of young people in 130 countries and we base our employment programmes on their insights.


We join forces with organisations and institutions who provide the support, expertise or influence young people need.


Working with these partners we provide education, training, mentoring and investment capital to thousands of young people.


Each young person we support is taught to mentor their peers, who in turn can mentor their peers, and so on.


With a job or their own business young people can fund economic development – creating greater employment opportunities for young people.

Training 60,000 young entrepreneurs is an ambitious but achievable goal. We need your mix of knowledge, skills and resources to help us raise the funding needed to make our training programmes the best they can be.