Meet the Team

We value the ideas, voices and goals of youth

We are headquartered in Cambridge in the UK where our experienced team work alongside international interns to develop and implement programmes which are effective and relevant to the challenges faced by youth today.

  • Adriana Poglia
    Adriana Poglia Chief Executive Officer
  • Charlotte Wilson
    Charlotte Wilson Director of Fundraising
  • Fred Fenwick
    Fred Fenwick Programme Manager
  • Rosey Simonds
    Rosey Simonds Education Advisor
  • Jason Goertzen
    Jason Goertzen Website Development Consultant
  • Liv Green
    Liv Green Volunteer
  • Francesca
    Francesca Marketing & Communications
  • Lily Carlson
    Lily Carlson Research & Development
  • Alpha Beretay
    Alpha Beretay BTCA Manager - Sierra Leone
  • Hinga Demby
    Hinga Demby BTCA Manager - Sierra Leone
  • Alpha Bacar Barry
    Alpha Bacar Barry BTCA Manager - Guinea
  • Djene Magas
    Djene Magas BTCA Manager - Guinea

PCI internships have provided work experience over the past 20 years to over 320 people

Our Trustees

Our board of trustees are ultimately responsible for the organisation’s vision, mission and management as well as the budgeting and monitoring of its projects.

David Woollcombe

David led Peace Child International for 35 years as CEO, directing over 60 major productions and projects around the world. As President, and now as Chairman of the Board, he is intent to use his global contacts to ensure that the organisation moves to a new generation of leadership, equally committed to the central role that young people can play in our world.

Selena Gerard-Sharp

Selina is an entrepreneur and Digital Publicist promoting clients through digital trends and technology. She is passionate about youth empowerment and BAME inclusion and diversity. She works with the NHS on the NeXt Director Program. Selina is also a youth mentor and is working to promote STEM for communities and children. Through her work she engages with many stakeholder organisations, local and national government, charities, corporate partners and press on community engagement.

Hortense Julienne

An Events Manager and Fundraiser with experience in the charity sector and a passion for working with disadvantaged communities, Hortense volunteers for homeless organisations. She published a recipe book for Food Bank users called ‘The Bank Cook’, distributed to food banks across the country and featured in the Times. A self-confessed foodie, she is the founder of Miss Nang Treats and in her spare time, Hortense can be found in the park - running 5K and 10k for charity or fun!

Fayyadh Shamsuddin

Fayyadh has a MSc in Social Policy and Planning and comes from a background in International Development. He has worked on projects in the Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan and China, sat on the DFID steering committee and advised the government on best practice for youth-led development. Fayyadh has managed a tech innovation hub and is a founder of youth agency Fortysix. His passion is to address poverty, inequality and social mobility in the UK and beyond.

Viji Underwood

Viji is an experienced professional specialising in commercial banking and credit risk with experience implementing strategy to internationalise commercial banking. Post university, she worked as a Field Officer on a government led poverty alleviation project in Sri Lanka where she is now a member of a bio-diversity action plan. Viji has an interest in environmental, gender and youth development issues. As a part of a committee, Viji mentors undergraduate women to help them prepare for their careers.

Trustee Opportunity

To help us achieve our goals, we are seeking to augment our existing board with the appointment of three additional Trustees.

We’re looking for experience in fundraising. If you’d like to join us, please contact [email protected]

Our Founders

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon
  • Bernard Benson
    Bernard Benson
  • Eirwen Harbottle & Brigadier Michael Harbottle
    Eirwen Harbottle & Brigadier Michael Harbottle
  • Rosey Simonds & David Woollcombe
    Rosey Simonds & David Woollcombe