Meet the Team

We value the ideas, voices and goals of youth

We are headquartered in Cambridge in the UK where our experienced team work alongside international interns to develop and implement programmes which are effective and relevant to the challenges faced by youth today.

  • Adriana Poglia
    Adriana Poglia Chief Executive Officer
  • Charlotte Wilson
    Charlotte Wilson Director of Fundraising
  • Rosey Simonds
    Rosey Simonds Education Advisor
  • Fred Fenwick
    Fred Fenwick Programme Manager
  • Stacey-Leigh Dolan
    Stacey-Leigh Dolan School Facilitator
  • Djene Magas
    Djene Magas BTCA Manager - Guinea
  • Estelle Marsh
    Estelle Marsh Volunteer
  • Sara Fuerta
    Sara Fuerta Designer
  • Francesca
    Francesca Marketing & Communications
  • Alpha Beretay
    Alpha Beretay BTCA Manager - Sierra Leone
  • Jason Goertzen
    Jason Goertzen Website Development Consultant
  • Alpha Bacar Barry
    Alpha Bacar Barry BTCA Manager - Guinea

PCI internships have provided work experience over the past 20 years to over 320 people