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Thanks to generous donors and clever web design, these five sites let you donate for free online without opening your wallet or even leaving your chair.

Every international development issue, from poverty to hunger to conflict to climate change, has countless charities working towards its alleviation. While many young people want to make their own contribution to these causes, they lack the money to do so. Luckily, some charity sites have found ways to bypass this problem.

1. FreeRice



FreeRice, the most famous moneyless charity site, is based on quizzes. For each multiple choice question you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. FreeRice requires no signing up of any kind. Test yourself on subjects like vocabulary, geography, maths and many more. Questions get more difficult as you progress, but after a few minutes of playing, you’ll be surprised how much rice you’ve donated – and how much you’ve learned. Since its 2007, FreeRice’s players have provided food to millions of people. Get playing.

2. Care2

Care2‘s Click to Donate page is pretty self-explanatory – all you do is click, which generates a donation to a cause. Care2 requires no signing up of any kind. Causes range from from children in need to global warming. Just find a cause, click the button and that’s it. The only downside is you’re not allowed to click more than once a day for each cause. We recommend bookmarking the page and checking back every day, especially because once a cause’s quota gets filled, a new cause pops up.

3. Goodsearch

For every search you perform using the Goodsearch search engine, you generate a one cent (USD) donation to the charity of your choice – and there are approximately 110,000 charities to choose from: UNICEF, Oxfam, Sierra Club, Kiva, etc. Signing up is completely free and can be done with an email address or through Facebook. While switching from Google from time to time may be tough ( is sponsored by Yahoo!), it is worth the change.

4. Charity Water

Charity Water works to bring clean water to people in need all over the world. To start a campaign through the Charity Water website, you just have to promise to do something when you reach the goal you set. For example, one campaigner is promising to shave his head when he reaches his $2,500 goal. There’s also an option to pledge your birthday. These campaigns, as with most crowdfunding causes, clearly involve more effort than the other sites listed above. For the more dedicated and driven among us, however, such campaigns can be a great way to support a cause without spending a penny.

5. Ecosia – Plant Trees with Searches

Let’s plant some trees! Make Ecosia your new search engine and start planting trees with every search.


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