Momentum and Youth Job Creation

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Once generated, momentum is not something that should be lightly relinquished. After the International Youth Job Creation Summit, our efforts in youth job creation should be redoubled. Feeding off the enthusiasm for collaborative action that was so thick in the air, a new movement must emerge, led by young people and dedicated to ending the youth unemployment crisis.

The task remains daunting – youth unemployment is like a crazed elephant crashing through a china shore while zookeepers look on nonplussed. What we need to do is tame the elephant, invent shatterproof china and ensure that the zookeepers do their job. While all this talk about rogue elephants, delicate ceramics and idle zookeepers may be confusing, it is intentionally so. Answering the youth unemployment question is complex – it will involve much head scratching, late night coffee fuelled debates and agonised scrutiny of the minutiae – but it will result in an overarching structural reform that will serve the community as a whole and allow young people to lead fulfilling lives. Surely this is something that we would all want to align ourselves to.

One of the most striking things to emerge from the Summit is the breadth of solutions that already exist. The foundations are already in place, we just need to build upon them – and by “we” I really mean “we”. Where waiting for others to act, breeds reciprocal idleness,  a proactive approach on the other hand can prove inspirational. By showcasing the efforts of a wide spectrum of engaged parties, the Summit provided a rallying call to action on youth job creation. Focus was renewed, alliances were forged, and a new confidence emerged – We can beat Youth Unemployment!


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