Getting Off The Bench Part II – So What’s the Story?

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Getting off the bench
‘So what do you do?’

It’s a reasonable enough question.  I mean, it’s what you’re supposed to ask somebody at a networking event, or when you meet someone for the first time anywhere really.  For some reason it’s had me tying myself in knots lately.  ‘I’m starting an online media company….’ No it’s more than that, we’re not just making videos.  Ok, next time I’m going to try something else ‘I’m starting a movement’ LOL no that’s not right way too political, the gentleman looked at me confused, don’t blame him I was quite confused myself!

I’m gradually realising that the story is one of the most important aspects when you are starting up.  However, because what we are starting is quite unique (no idea’s original of course) that it’s difficult to get across in a simple way.  Yes, we will be making videos, we also want to build a community, run events, and help young people chase after their passions.  You can see where the problems lie!

Alas I am trying.  My partner and I constantly try and recite the story to each other looking for holes and where we can make it sound better.  It’s a struggle, but for aspiring entrepreneurs it’s something I highly recommend!

Sometimes the words of your story are less important – it’s the content and meaning behind them that matters.  When you are trying to get help from different people, it’s the passion that really translates.  Though our story’s not the cleanest, the vision is translating and it’s amazing how many great people there are out there who are willing to help.  For example, we’ve been struggling with the technical side of things and luckily enough have a couple of great guys who are going to help on that end.   I once heard the phrase ‘everything is sales’ and that’s what comes to mind with the story – you’re selling a vision, you’re selling your ability to see through on that vision and you’re selling people on how they can be a part of it.

The days seem to be gradually going faster now.  I remember writing part I last week like it was yesterday!  When it’s something you’ve thought about for so long and gradually things start falling into place it is very surreal.  I don’t think I’ll believe it until the 25th September hits. It seems like I’m in a trance at the moment!

This week is one of tangibles – logo’s will be created, video’s will be shot and hopefully websites will start getting built.  Until next week, the story continues……

This is part 2 of Dubem Menakaya’s series about the ups and downs of setting up your own business as a young entrepreneur.

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