BTCA Liberia Graduation Ceremony

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In the west of Africa, Peace Child International run a trio of entrepreneurship programmes for young women. Delivered in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the Be The Change Academy (BTCA) offers young female entrepreneurs an innovative combination of business training, mentorship and potential funding. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach the BTCA gives the young entrepreneurs the best possible chance of succeeding in the business world.

Recently in Paynesville, a graduation ceremony was held for participants of the Liberian programme. In addition to the young graduates and well wishers, the ceremony was attended by among others Tove Kvil, NORAD, Lence Gbagonyon, Assistant Minister for Youth Development, Xaviera Coleman, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and Korto Williams, Country Director of Action Aid Liberia.

So impressed was Korto by the achievements of the graduates that she was moved to tell them “I am proud of you, these skills you have acquired through the BTCA will help you through the journey.” Lence was similarly glowing in his assessment and opined that he would like to see more BTCAs in Liberia in the near future.

The speakers’ overwhelming positivity was only surpassed by that of the graduates themselves. Highlighting how much the programme had progressed her understanding of business, Nancy Binda said “What I learned here opened my eyes a lot, all those small-small things we used to overlook, I am going to use these lessons to improve the way I have been doing my business in the past and I think this will bring me more customers and more money too.” Meggie Krah, echoed her fellow graduate’s comments and remarked how strategies she had learned during the programme have helped her to get ahead in business.

After such a great start, the challenge now is to maintain the BTCA’s momentum. In order to do so we have already started to recruit the next cohort of trainees in Liberia. Young women in Paynesville can apply by visiting the offices of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia in Wood Camp or by calling 0886888926273.

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