We are looking for youth to represent their country in an upcoming UN75 event!

In celebration of the UN’s 75th anniversary, Peace Child are involved with organising an event named UN75:UK – What Next for The UN? Building a more secure world.

This event is aimed at encouraging intergenerational dialogues. It will create a space for people of different ages and backgrounds to come together to discuss issues surrounding the topics of health, food security, the environment, the digital space, the economy and peace. An effort to hand over the baton to the everyday individual as well as international players and the UN in the solving of issues which have a critical influence on our world.

This is our time to share our vision for the future, to voice our ideas on how we can all advance into a more secure world.

Each evening (7-9pm BST) of the week leading up to United Nations Day (Saturday 24th October), we will focus on a different aspect of the security topics with UN day being the final component of the week-long festival!

As part of this final component we will have World leaders will speak to us; an award presented and experts discussing issues facing the UN- but we are also looking for youth who are willing to share their hopes and dreams for the future as representatives of their country!

The requirements for this is that the youth:

  • Has a parent or carer consent
  • Is able to speak English
  • Has good internet connection and to access zoom
  • Is between the ages of 10 to 14

If you are interested or know a youth who may be interested in representing their country in this amazing opportunity, please contact editor@peacechild.org with a short statement about why you would like to be involved, how old you are, and which country you would like to represent!

In the wider scale of things everyone is welcome to join this event and contribute their thoughts to the different workgroups- we are massively looking forward to seeing you all as well as the amazing impact this event has the potential to trigger. 

For more information visit: www.whatnext4un.org

Estelle Marsh

Peace Child

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