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This Christmas, give someone you love something truly unforgettable and change the life of a one of the world’s most marginalised young women. Give her the chance to lift herself and her family out of poverty forever with essential skills training to help her build a business.

Christmas Donation Gift - Sponsorship Appeal

In remote rural communities in Kenema, Sierra Leone, progress has been made to expand opportunities for young women and girls to promote gender equality and empowerment of women. However, many young women continue to suffer being marginalised and discriminated against particularly in areas of education and employment.

We’re determined to address these factors, amongst others, which have conspired to prevent many women from exercising their fundamental rights and having choices for their futures.

These young women are frequently excluded from decision making. They have never had the opportunity to go to school, they are illiterate and lack the skills and confidence needed to build a sustainable income. Your gift will help them break free of their vicious cycle of poverty.

We have worked closely with illiterate young women in Kenema to understand their needs. Together we have created an innovative and highly effective training programme, using images and games to teach vital business skills. The programme helps the women to gain the knowledge needed to build a business and secure a sustainable income for years to come.

So please consider giving a gift of hope this Christmas. For just £60 you can change someone’s life forever, bringing long-term change to a vulnerable young woman in Kenema, Sierra Leone. 

Sponsor a young women before the 16th Dec and we will send you a Christmas card that you can give to announce your gift – it’s a gift to be proud about! If you sponsor a woman after this date we will send you a virtual card which you can print out.

You sponsorship will have a lasting impact, and give a young woman, often for the first time in their life, the chance to learn and a chance to realise their full potential.


Before the project, 18-year-old Kadie was supporting her mother by selling products for her business. She was unable to run her own business as she lacked the self-confidence to talk with people outside her family as a result of having a speech impediment.  Due to this lack of confidence and need for support she would only help when her mother was present at the business.

However, as a result of the Peace Child training, and in particular the image-based approach Kadie had the opportunity to learn for the first time and began to gain confidence from communicating, learning and applying her new knowledge.

Following the training, Kadie has established her own business, independent of her mother.  Kadie is continuing to use the skills she gained from the training.  She is already planning how to adapt her business for the changing weather. She told us: “with the rainy season coming, I need to complete my market research and find what I will sell, my first idea is selling rain boots.”

Kadie - Entrepreneurship Training

Kadie’s mother also credits the training as having a transformative effect on Kadie, stating:  “She has gained independence; is running a business for herself. I am so proud of her and can now see her having a great future”.

Make a Difference This Christmas

The impact of will go far beyond the young women you sponsor. We have found there are significant improvements to family welfare when women are earning more, with more children being sent to school and increased investment in health care.

In addition to increased income we have also found as a result of trainings there has been a significant change in perception on women’s role in society. Women trained have reported there is an improved equality in gender related power dynamics due to their increased incomes and raised level of financial confidence. We have also seen an increase in the level of decision making power in economic and public affairs and reports of reduced level of gender based violence.

This was highlighted by a community leader in Nekabo Village who told us:  “Since the young women in this community completed the training we have seen drastic improvements within our community: businesses are improving, and social cohesion is higher as our young women are now working together and supporting each other. As a result, the whole community is benefiting.”

So please sponsor a young woman this Christmas and give a gift of hope to an incredible young woman, one who deserves the opportunity to learn.

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