Leave No One Behind – September Appeal

Hello September!

Normally as September begins we are all preparing to settle back into our normal lives after the summer holidays.

As with everything else this year, 2020 will not be the same. We are all facing very different challenges and trying to establish a new kind of normal for ourselves, looking for safe soils to land our feet with every step we take.

COVID-19 has brought with it many prickly balls to juggle. In our personal lives and at work. Many people will discover that there is no job to go back to and more young people than ever before are facing a very uncertain future.

At a time, when it is needed the most, many small charities look set to close down – international development charities hit far harder than domestic ones.

Domestic charities have had funding from the government to prop them up. International charities however have been totally ignored, despite the urgent and vital work they deliver to some of the world’s poorest people.

Thankfully Peace Child was well placed to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges presented by Covid-19. Thanks to its extensive experience of working in West Africa, we quickly understood the importance of prioritising infection control. As such, in addition to still running its training programme, Peace Child was able to incorporate awareness and prevention training and installed wash stations in all 22 communities where we have been working this year. This included posters and banners explaining hand washing and sanitizing techniques.

Despite this success, we have faced many challenges and fundraising has been hit the hardest. We are now actively seeking funds needed to ensure we can continue to support vulnerable young people both here in the UK and Africa, empowering them to fulfil their full potential.

We cannot do it alone, we need you!

During September 2020 we will be fundraising to make up for the deficit caused by COVID-19 and ensure we are able to support even more young people to secure a sustainable income … Will you please support our fundraiser?

According to a recent survey done by the Small International Development Network, 45% of Small charities like ours will close down within the next year.

What will happen to the many projects they were supporting in underdeveloped countries?  Will Zero Poverty become an unattainable dream once again?

We at Peace Child International know that the work we do is more important than ever before. With your help we can continue to help vulnerable young people to escape a vicious cycle of poverty for years to come.

Please Donate today and help us to give young people the opportunity they deserve and empower them to fulfil their full potential. Gaining the skills and confidence they need to build a viable business of their own and become financially independent, able to afford food and vital medical care for themselves and their families for the rest of their lives.

Please click below to donate today.


Anything you can afford at this time will make a huge difference:

Just £350 will pay the salary of a staff-trainer in sierra leone for a month

Just £60 will cover the training of one woman for 3 months.

Please also take a moment to share this post with your network and help us raise the vital funds needed to transform more young lives.

Thank you for your support.

For more information about our work please contact adriana@peacechild.org

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