Teaching Entrepreneurship as a Way to Tackle Youth Unemployment

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Entrepreneurship is not your average subject. You don’t learn about or go about teaching entrepreneurship alone like you would with most subjects. You have to experience it hands on.

It’s a subject that can develop your outlook and your personal character, not just in business, but in everyday life, too. If I could recommend one thing to the UK Government today, it would be to make it compulsory that all children experience entrepreneurship from a young age at school. We should not be bringing up generations of students that go to school, expecting to go to university and then getting a job. There is so much more out there than that set pattern we have fallen into. The daily news portrays doom and gloom, but it truly is a land of opportunity for those that are only willing to look further, think different and work harder.

We need to be telling, showing and teaching students about self-employment, apprenticeships, internships, entrepreneurship, social enterprises, volunteering and how to brand themselves in a unique way for the job market. No matter what the subject, it’s possible to integrate entrepreneurship and business.

All over the world, teachers are leading learning revolutions, whether it’s KIPP schools in America or academies doing great things with Entrepreneurship in the UK. Teaching entrepreneurship as a way to tackle youth unemployment is getting stronger day by day. I salute the teachers across the planet leading this and having the courage to do things differently.

Teaching entrepreneurship provides the skills and development to live a confident life with the unwavering courage to make things happen and change how people live. Skills like communication, networking, pitching, leadership, negotiation and teamwork are learned through entrepreneurship. Just imagine how much improvement and progress we could make in the world if entrepreneurship education were provided at a much younger age.

This is the second in a series of three blogs on Entrepreneurship as a way to tackle youth unemployment. The third and final blog will be on the topic of ‘Implementing the Entrepreneurial Mindset’.

By Grant Ridley. Twitter: @grantridley Web: www.grantridley.com

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