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Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 10.23.04We here at Peace Child International are well aware of the power of the arts to transcend boundaries and bring people together behind a single unifying message. I am of course alluding to the Musical to which we owe both our name and our origins as an organisation. This principle has been embraced by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and BELLA GAIA, who have teamed up to produce the film BELLA GAIA: Hotspots to Hopespots.

The provocative title imagines a future where humanity has prevailed over the threat of global warming – a process the filmmakers believe will be sparked by the creation of “Hopespots”. These “Hopespots” will prove crucial to the health of ecosystems, animals and people, by providing exemplary models of how we can transition to a sustainable economy. Indeed the film goes so far as to suggest that this transformative process has already begun – backing up their argument by referencing “Hopespots” that are springing up all over the globe.

The purpose of the film is not solely to inform but also to serve as a call to arms. As the film’s Director Kenji Williams puts it “through BELLA GAIA’s method of artistically translating data, I hope to move people and inspire action that will help us find solutions that will make our future more sustainable”. In other words by communicating a timely message through an accessible and visually arresting medium the film graduates from artform to rallying point.

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 10.24.27Hotspots to Hopespots premiered at UNEP’s World Environment  Day where the immersive experience was heightened by accompanying orchestral music. Since then, BELLA GAIA has toured numerous youth events and had the honour of closing the Innovation Celebration hosted by the U.S. city of Portland. This last event neatly bookending the film’s association with World Environment Day.

Our efforts towards a sustainable future do not only improve the impact we make on our planet, but on our people as well. As opportunity for a greener economy develops, we also create jobs that will employ a new generation of increasingly aware citizens. Through sharing Hotspots to Hopespots, BELLA GAIA seeks to spread hope and motivation on the positive impact we can achieve through sustainability.

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