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Student councils’ responsibilities go far beyond the walls of the classroom. They are imperative to the development of youth, which is imperative to the development of the future.

I am part of a generation in which being a student stems from the fundamental idea that the future will come about through innovation and development. As we embrace the need for a courageous and globally stable future, the guidance of students is key.

How do we encourage this sustainable agenda in the minds of young people? I believe the answer is the formation and empowerment of independent student councils at all levels. Student councils can contribute constructively to teamwork and teambuilding. Teambuilding is an essential skills to being a productive leader.

In making students work together, they become equipped with a shared, vast knowledge and experience on how to successfully establish goals and give directions to their peers with or without external assistance.

Being a student leader ensures that one knows that certain actions and decisions in life ultimately impacts everyone. With such positivity in mind, students are inspired to be proactive and understand the need and value of hard work. They become dedicated to bringing about change and working passionately to foment a positive difference in the world.

To be a future leader involves flexibility and handling multiple responsibilities. As a student leader, sitting in seats of power teaches the strategic prioritising of opportunities. Leaders acquire innumerable skills, like resource utilisation and their proper allocation, but only when they have experience in the leadership role.

What the world needs is a centred, self-powered generation of young people with the creative minds to drive initiatives even in times of global discomfort. To ensure this empowered force comes into being, we must properly engage students in every aspect, from culture to economics to politics, that leads to greater social well-being.

We must ignite the self-esteem of students so they arrive at a point of conviction on matters of significance. Student councils share a vital role in advocating and regulating the behaviours of young people.

Interestingly, these councils not only develop the quality of responsibility among students, but also teaches them to patiently co-operate with their peers through methods of tolerance and learning.

We all strive for a better world, and the presence of student councils ensures this improvement. Beyond behaviours and academic excellence, I see student councils as platforms for young people to voice their concerns and opinions publicly.

Here, we identify young intellectuals who are groomed into public speakers, academics, politicians and polemicists, all professionals who contribute towards the making of a better world. To this progress, I stand as a strong advocate of the presence of student councils globally.

Article and photos submitted by Micheal Nelson Byaruhanga, 22, a Ugandan human rights activist, freelance journalist and a founder of Child Soldiers Foundation of Africa. Follow him on Twitter @nlsnmicheal90 and check out his others blogs, Human Rights and the Post-2015 Development AgendaSport for Peace and Development and Why Do Child Soldiers Exist?

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