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What was the International Youth Job Creation Summit?

The International Youth Job Creation Summit was an urgent response to the global crisis of youth unemployment. Hosted at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills on Friday 13th of September, this one-day event explored how job opportunities can be created for a billion young people entering the global workplace over the next decade. Organised by Peace Child International in partnership with Multiple Learning Solutions and in association with InspirEngage International, this Summit showcased innovative job creation initiatives around the world; shared best practice in delivering employability skills training and developed cost effective job policy measures.

Two-day follow up event 

There was a chance to refine the policies and outcomes from Friday’s Summit in a further two-day event, on 14th and 15th September. Through interactive workshops and collaborative thinking, the group helped to produce a road map to full employment guide. The outcomes ranged from root and branch reform of education to including entrepreneurship and skills training on the curriculum to forming a collaborative working alliance between stakeholders.  A full list of the outcomes from the weekend will be available soon and I will be sure to keep you all posted once I get my hands on a copy.

Keynote Speakers

The 165 delegates were made up of a global network, half of whom were young people, representing businesses, policy makers, employability skills providers, leaders from the education and public sector, academics, NGOs, young activists and journalists.

Janne Geurts – Director

Lord Young – David Cameron’s Adviser for Enterprise
It was a pleasure to have Lord Young, as a keynote speaker who talked about the need to mentor young people on starting up a business, and about the government “Start-up Loans” scheme for young people to set up their own enterprise. Lord Young further highlighted that self-employment is a true option. This concept should be taught earlier in schools. He believed internet and technology is “taking over” and we must “embrace modernisation”.

Andris Piebalgs – European Commissioner of Development

  • How do we create possibilities and policies? – By working together.
  • MEDC’s and LEDC’s both need focus however different they are
  • Unemployment is depriving young people of being optimistic
  • Sub Saharan Africa’s youth unemplolyment rates will double by 2015
  • Young people must be involved in the crisis solution process before 2015
  • “Government cannot create jobs – Entrepreneurships are the way forward!”

Melody Hossaini – Founder and CEO InspirEngage International

  • Social enterprise should be introduced into the cirriculum
  • Life skills are essential – (UKYP National campaign!)
  • Social enterprise will never die out
  • Social enterprise is currently the number one job creation prospect for young people

Jeremy Lefroy MP

  • Local organisations and businesses must loosen budgets and policies to combat the youth unemployment crisis.

TJ Morgan – Co-Founder, Nupe Media

  • We’re at the brink of a technological revolution
  • We can create jobs that don’t rely on qualifications
  • There is a major capacity to be filled in the technological jobs market
  • We have the chance to employ young people
  • New technological economy aims to create 750,000 jobs

BTCA – Be The Change Academy, Kenya

  • No money needed – just skills
  • Many African young people lack practical skills and BTCA aids them in gaining these skills and also creating ‘self-employment’
  • BTCA provides 8 weeks of training to young people that need experience in a particular field, then are given up to 3 weeks to create a solid business plan
  • Many have been successful with 100 youths getting a loan

Ravi Theja Muthu – Founder and Director, Renergy Corporation, India

  • Ravi is a 22 year old young entrepreneur
  • He believes a transit to green economy is a great way of creating jobs
  • 2 birds with 1 stone – creating jobs and finding solutions for global warming
  • Ravi thinks young people need the right skills to get them decent jobs
  • “The youth have the potential to change the world”
  • Green economy is the answer to creating a billion jobs for young people over the next decade

Social enterprise and entrepreneurship were a recurring theme throughout the day.

Statistics show:

  • There are 70 000 social enterprises in the UK.
  • 1 million jobs (employed) by social enterprises in the UK (on the rise)
  • Social enterprises contribute £24bn to the UK economy (on the rise)
  • Social enterprises are estimated to receive a 40% investment over the next year
  • 91% of social enterprise leadership teams have at least 1 woman

The other key ideas brought up over the day included:

  • Reform of Curriculum (A curriculum to prepare us for life!)
  • Assessment of available jobs
  • Mentorship and exchange programmes
  • Careers advice offered at a younger age
  • Inspiring youth
  • Train the teaching staff
  • Educators must inspire

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