Effective Practice Guide to Youth-Led Green Job Creation Initiatives in Europe

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Peace Child International is excited to announce the release of the Effective Practice Guide to Youth-Led Green Job Creation Initiatives in Europe – the EPG, for short. It was four months in the making and involved the entire PCI team.

The EPG is essentially a mix between a toolkit, a report and an advice column for young people, communities, organisations, companies, governments – anyone who is interested in the youth unemployment crisis and eager to help tackle the systemic problems causing it. The EPG is made up of four major sections:

1. It contains explanations about: the causes and effects of the crisis; the solutions the green economy and corporate social responsibility can offer; the various approaches initiatives can take to help create jobs; and the practices of the most effective job creation initiatives (i.e. involving young people directly in the creation/running/implementation of a programme).

2. To demonstrate the potential of job creation initiatives and the feasibility of implementing them, the EPG highlights 14 programmes to serve as examples of effective practice (many of these initiatives were featured in our EPG Blog Series). Gathered from all over Europe, these initiatives were reached out to directly by PCI, meaning many of these features contain first-hand accounts from founders and employees, who provide stories, motivation and advice.

3. The EPG also contains a massive index of job creation initiatives from all across Europe. From entrepreneurial training courses that accept global applicants to local student networks promoting sustainable development, the EPG contains about 900 initiatives, organised by country. Check out the EPG index to find programmes in your country.

4. Though focussed primarily on Europe, the EPG also contains an interactive map of job creation initiatives worldwide. Youth unemployment is a borderless problem, and there is no single solution. We’ve pinpointed the places on the planet where initiatives have been implemented and are already making a difference.

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