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Young entrepreneurs in Egypt are part of a new wave of self-employment sweeping the nation, and Mostafa Shahat writes about them.

Passion is what drives entrepreneurs to launch companies. It pushes entrepreneurs beyond their limits to achieve success. It creates a sense of hope, a desire for success and a feeling of confidence. With passion, entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, build their dreams and expand their potential.

Ahmed Muselhy is an Egyptian entrepreneur who strived to find his passion. He was always a dreamer, and he couldn’t imagine that he might spend the rest of his life in working in someone else’s dream.

Ahmed has extensive work experience in the Human Resources Management field. He joined many local and international companies, starting with coordinator positions and moving up to supervisor and manager positions.

Ahmed was always passionate about starting his own business. He trusted his abilities, skills and talents. His passion drove him to launch his own company four times until he finally succeeded to run one of the best recruitment agencies in Egypt named HIRED International “AKA: Hired Recruitment”.

Ahmed studied Business Administration at Helwan University. Since he was a student, his interest was in the HRM (Human Resource Management) field. Starting from his second year of university, he decided to connect his theoretical study with a practical experience.

‘University doesn’t teach you everything. If I did not work while I was a student, I wouldn’t be able to run my company now’, says Ahmed.

In less than three years, Ahmed and his team provided their recruitment services to more than twenty companies in Egypt, and he has delivered HR and Entrepreneurship trainings to more than 1,000 students.

‘Definitely I felt that I still had something to learn every time I had to close down a company. So there were many lessons I learned that helped me to eventually run a company successfully. I don’t lose. I either learn or win’, says Ahmed.

Ahmed decided to teach entrepreneurs how they can start their own businesses, overcome challenges and expand their entrepreneurial horizons. During the last two years, Ahmed trained more than 500 entrepreneurs in how to run a business efficiently with limited resources. Ahmed is currently an official entrepreneurship trainer at G.O.L and Injaz Egypt.

HIRED is a certificated and approved provider in Egypt from HRCI (HR Certification Institute), and Ahmed with his team is expanding in 2017 to launch their second branch in Dubai, UAE.

‘I am very grateful for the previous experiences that I had that taught me how to overcome challenges, succeed in life and never give up’, says Ahmed.

Article submitted by Mostafa Shahat, the volunteer responsible for Arabic guest bloggers in the MENA region and an entrepreneur who has established one of the most successful youth communities in Egypt, Goal Oriented Learners. Mostafa studied social entrepreneurship in USA and is currently the Middle East & North Africa representative at StudySearch (Nigeria) and the Egypt representative for All Events in City (India). Mostafa is also a reporter at Nudge Sustainability Hub. Email him at mshahat@golteam.org and check out his other blog A Syrian’s Success in Egypt and more from his Entrepreneurs in Egypt series.

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