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Educated and responsible young people have been leading positive challenge globally. The Development, Empowerment and Leadership, or DEAL Network, helps them achieve this.

The impacts of young people contributions cut across various fields of human endeavors, from agriculture, commerce and science and technology to entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports and politics.

With the global challenge of unemployment, every contribution to address this widespread challenge counts, no matter how small.


Young people from southwestern Nigeria are at the forefront of such positive impacts. An organisation currently applying hardship innovations to tackle the dual challenge of unemployment and climate change is the Development, Empowerment and Leadership (DEAL) Network.

DEAL Network leads and works with more than 50 volunteers for an efficient waste management system while harnessing the alternative energy solutions it provides. The operational procedures rely on the green energy potentials of biodegradable solid waste mass.

This is a tripod-like solution to the current challenge of waste management, energy shortfall and environmental pollution. The solid wastes collected are converted to usable energy such as biogas for household cooking purpose and power lower capacity farm machinery.

The value chain of their work is to increase access to affordable, green energy and cut down on epidemics. It has already created 1,000 jobs.

DEAL Network designed an efficient three-chamber biodigester to convert the animal and plant waste that constitutes environmental hazards in the rural community of Oshogbo in Nigeria into biofuel and organic fertiliser.

It is expected that if this innovative effort led by young people is replicated in other African countries, it would help create a sustainable environment, more job opportunities, and green, economical and alternative energy while creating a fair income distribution system and improving the living conditions of the people.

Submitted by Daodu Seun Kolawole, the Senior Project Manager, Development, Empowerment and Leadership (DEAL) Network for Osun State, Nigeria.

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