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Youth Unemployment and negativity go hand in hand; one depressing headline begets another until eventually  a compendium of supposed insight into the youth condition is compiled and slips into the collective consciousness as received wisdom. For example, To judge by the majority of writings dedicated to the subject, youth have accepted the situation without the slightest question. According to this misleading train of thought youth are dis-empowered, passive and content to wait around until something changes somehow. Well, here at Peace Child International we have a persuasive counter-argument. It comes in the shape of Enterprise YOU!

Enterprise YOU! is an entrepreneurship training programme that emphatically shows that young people can be the principal drivers of change. It was developed by 7 partner organisations from across Europe who, energised by the need to do something positive, came together to share best practice on entrepreneurship training. Across Europe there is a glaring hole at the heart of the education system – a big entrepreneurship training shaped hole in fact. With the labour market becoming even more fluid and flexible and a growing acceptance that the “job for life” is an anachronism set to be chucked into history’s dustbin, the systematic bypassing of entrepreneurship could only be described as negligence. Offering a fun, accessible and enlightening entrepreneurship programme such as Enterprise YOU! gives the youth of today, too often mistakenly dismissed as lazy layabouts, the skills to prove their doubters wrong and brighten the gloomy economic forecasts with their imagination, wit, hard-work and endeavour.

This is something that needs to be celebrated. Enterprise You! gives youth the skills not only to become entrepreneurs but also to become better employees as well. Headline after headline highlights the growing skills mismatch between education and work and the prominent role that entrepreneurs will have in bringing about a long overdue economic recovery. Any economic recovery will be recognition of the combined efforts of dedicated youth working together to take a positive proactive stand against youth unemployment. This is the best of youth and it was from this spirit that Enterprise YOU! was born.

Help Enterprise You! create a more entrepreneurial workforce to create job opportunities in a changing economy by voting for us at http://www.inspiringenterprise.rbs.com/inspiring-youth/grant-funding/public-voting/enterprise-you?vnc=DuqAn3FmtAMcykiA0eTrnzXqgbCwkCQmlen0C9gyiX0&vnp=8

For more information on Enterprise YOU! please visit https://peacechild.org/enterpriseyou/ 


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