Do you have a business idea and want to make it a reality?

Are you ready to explore the skills you need to become an entrepreneur?

Enterprise YOU! is developed by, and reflects the expertise and proven methods of 7 leading expert organisations from across the EU:

Our mission is to support young people aged 15-30 across Europe to develop the essential aspiration and skills to turn their passion into their career. Enterprise YOU! supports young people to:

  • Raise Aspirations
  • Develop essential Life Skills (including enterprise & employability skills)
  • Explore setting up their own enterprise
  • Connect to an online community of ongoing support

The training programme

The training programme covers twelve modules that take the participants, step-by-step through a personal learning journey to define their abilities and see how they relate to their business ideal.

The training is characterised by supporting young people to gain hands-on skills by using an interactive approach and live examples. We involve the participants in a self-exploratory learning journey, of which they are at the heart: it’s about their individual passion and future career.

The two-day training programme covers modules such as Identity and Personal Branding, an Enterprise Accelerator and project management. The training celebrates the Europe-wide partnership, and allows the participants to look across borders to map the needs and competencies to run a business.

 Enterprise YOU! training modules

This unique EU wide training programme is designed to be high-energy, interactive and delivered by leading experts.

Day 1 (6hours)

The trainees will start the training with discovering their own personal strengths, talents, and passion. This is the starting point that leads to their personal destination. What are their aspirations? What are they aiming to achieve? They will also learn how to turn their identity into personal branding, and we empower them to harness essential communication and leadership skills. The trainees will then map their community and society to find the specific needs and gaps in the market. Through a mini accelerator they will generate business ideas, which they learn to turn into a business model using the project management cycle.

We will finish the day with a peer-to-peer pitch of their initial business ideas.

Day 2 (6hours)

On the second day, the participants will have the chance to further develop and test their business plan, and they will interactively learn the basics of finance, market research and marketing. This will all lead to a final pitch, which allows a jury to provide feedback, and to look at the necessary next steps to undertake, to turn these ideas into reality.

Unique Selling Points

  • Robust training which reflects the expertise and proven methods of 7 leading expert organisations from across the EU.
  • The European element allows the trainees to look beyond national borders.
  • Ongoing support following the two-day training via an online community EU-wide online community network.
  • The online community network provides international links where appropriate.


Interested to know more or to book? Email: jobcreation@peacechild.org