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In this day and age, taking advantage of the vital connection between software development and entrepreneurship can be key to success. Best of all, there are loads of opportunities to learn how to do it.

With the population of the planet reaching over 7 billion people, and with about 70% of them having access to the internet via mobile phone or computer, software development progress provides people with new opportunities. By connecting people all around the globe and providing them with information and an access to choice in a speedy way, smart gadgets have become a vital tool to empower young people.

First of all, the internet is a source of information, so people need to learn how to use it properly. For those who have run a business for a long time, constantly staying up to date is important for keeping up with their competitors and for growth.

When starting up a business, this is even more essential. You need the knowledge to cover specific areas of expertise if you don’t have enough employees yet.

New technologies make education available to everyone. The world’s most respected universities are cooperating with software developers in the UK and other countries to create training websites. Here is a good chance to learn more about entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and more. Most offer free courses as well.

Knowledge is power. People can change the world only if they know how to do it. Hundreds of useful topics are available on Coursera, Udemy, edX and many others websites. There are several websites offering essential learning for entrepreneurs:

The creation of applications can also be helpful. For example, with the help of a mobile app, kirana (mom-and-pop) stores in India managed to maintain their position on the market where online grocery chains seem to be dominating. Mom-and-pop retailers struggled with on-time delivery, but the mobile application developed for them simplified this process by helping to streamline capital transfers.

Thus, new technologies help small entrepreneurs stay above their competitors. It isn’t the only example, and increased efficiency isn’t the only advantage of having an application. Business owners discover new benefits they may get from a mobile application or website.

Having an app makes entrepreneurs closer to their customers and makes their business visible. A software application becomes a new marketing channel and the way to position a new brand.

Starting up a new business is a fascinating but difficult task that requires specific skills, knowledge, and efforts. Technologies offer opportunities to learn and work efficiently. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

Submitted by Inessa Brown, an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She is also a blogger and passionate about software and mobile development as well as innovations in general.

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