How To Share Your Entrepreneur Success Story With The World

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Our most prolific guest blogger Mostafa Shahat covers entrepreneurs’ success stories in MENA and the EU for PCI. If you’ve got a success story you want to share with the world, Mostafa wants to hear from you.

Whether you’ve started an initiative or social venture or company, you were brave enough to take the initiative and start building something, and your story deserves to be shared. Mostafa wants to hear the stories of as many successful entrepreneurs as possible.

‘Most of entrepreneurs at this level they want their voices and actions to be heard and seen, and that’s where I will be helping them’. -Mostafa

Your story would reach thousands of people, boosting your visibility and inspiring young people all over the world.

If you’re interested, email Mostafa at To see Mostafa’s past blogs for PCI, click here.

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