Opportunities for Youth: January and February

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It’s a new year – time for some new opportunities for youth.

There are some great jobs, conferences, contests and programmes coming up in 2017. Keep an eye on eligibility and deadlines.

Good luck!


APU Self Discovery Camp 2017, deadline: 23 January
Changemakers’ Global Youth Summit, deadline: 31 Jan
Turkey Europe Future Forum, deadline: 5 Feb
International Youth Forum on Human Rights and UN SDG’s, deadline: 28 Feb
euforia imp!act events, deadline: ongoing


Rural Youth Europe, deadline: ongoing
Practical Initiatives Network
, deadline: ongoing
Voices of Youth Blogger, deadline: ongoing
PCI Blogger, deadline: ongoing


Nikon International Photo Contest, deadline: 27 January
Girls Impact the World Film Festival, deadline: 20 January
Global Startup Challenge, deadline: 28 Feb


UN Youth Delegate Programme, deadline: ongoing
PCI Youth Advocate, deadline: ongoing
NPR Young People’s Programme, deadline: ongoing


University of Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarships, deadline: 20 January
Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme, deadline: 20 January
Erasmus University International Undergraduate Scholarships, deadline: 15 February
Deutsche Welle Journalism Traineeship, deadline: 22 Feb
Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Internship Programme, deadline: 28 Feb
Open Society Fellowships, deadline: 1 March


PCI Online Platform Interview, deadline: 31 Jan
Youth – Feeding the Future
, deadline: ongoing
UNDP4Urban, deadline: ongoing
Women’s Economic Empowerment Survey, deadline: ongoing


United Nations, deadline ongoing
euforia, deadline ongoing

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