Best practices in teaching entrepreneurship and creating entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe

From January to October 2015, Global Entrepreneurship Week Poland Foundation (Poland), Youth Business Poland, Edward de Bono Institute (Malta) and Peace Child International (UK) are carrying out the project “Best practices in teaching entrepreneurship and creating entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe”, financed by the European Commission as part of Erasmus Plus programme.

The project is a response to the low levels of entrepreneurship amongst young people, leading to maladjustment to the modern labor market, as evidenced by making rash decisions about educational and professional paths, the necessity of taking a job below ambition and qualifications and high levels of unemployment

Entrepreneurship, understood in a broad meaning, is an attitude and approach to life (diligence, activity, courage, self–reliance) that is an essential component to successful and productive inclusion in the labor market and society.


Photo taken by GEW Poland.

As part of the project, partners from three countries (UK, Malta and Poland) will collect and describe effective practices in the field of formal and informal entrepreneurship education. The opportunities for the exchange of experience consist of international project meetings, during which participants collect information about methods and tools of teaching as well as talk with practitioners, teachers and NGO representatives. They will also visit schools, universities and offices of NGOs. You can read about the three partners’ meetings in Poland, the UK and Malta.

The result of the project will be an online publication of conclusions, translated into six languages (Polish, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French).

We will present the effects of our year-long work during an international conference in September 2015 in Warsaw and during two smaller meetings in the UK and Malta.

If you are a/an:

  • teacher,
  • representative of an NGO or state institution working for youth and the development of entrepreneurship, or
  • employee or business owner and would like to share your working methods, observations or suggestions,

please contact us, and maybe you or your organization/company will be described in our publication.

Partner organisations:

By Justyna Politanska, Co-founder & CEO, Fundacja Światowego Tygodnia Przedsiębiorczości, Global Entrepreneurship Week Foundation.