Youth unemployment – How to create a billion job opportunities for young people over the next decade?

Global levels of youth unemployment are chronically and unsustainably high; and without doubt one of the biggest barriers facing societies today. Unemployed, marginalised young people – especially those not in employment, education or training (NEETS) – are not, generally, happy or well-integrated members of their local communities. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) reports that 75 million young people across the world are jobless and has warned of a ‘scarred’ generation where many have given up hope of ever finding a job (ILO, Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012).

Within the next decade, the World Bank is expecting 600 million young people to come on to the job market worldwide. But only around 200 million jobs will be waiting for them (Independent Evaluation Group Report – 9/12). There is an urgent need for governments and aid donors from all parts of the world to share with each other the solutions to youth unemployment.

The Summit will seek to look at the most cost-effective policies and methodologies to create more job opportunities for young people over the next decade. There will be a chance to refine the policies further and produce concrete actions in a Policy into Action two-day follow-up event.

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