EPG Blog Series: European Pirate Summit

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This grassroots entrepreneurship initiative made the EPG Features list because it’s not your typical entrepreneurial event. European Pirate Summit takes the pirate thing seriously enough to pride itself on having lots of fire and lots of rum as well as lots of speakers and lots of networking opportunities.

Europan Pirate Summit brings together hundreds of people, from investors to developers to entrepreneurs, both aspiring and established. They all descend on Odonien, Cologne’s premier scrapyard, to get an eye patch and spend a few days meeting people, listening to speakers and participating in events like forums, festivals, parties and competitions (isn’t its ‘Walk-the-Plank’ pitch competition just so cleverly named?).

European Pirate Summit has been ‘real, authentic and crazy’ for the past three years. It started when a group of young people who had their own startups realised they didn’t know how to go about accessing the right people. They decided to establish something unique that could help other aspiring entrepreneurs with this problem. European Pirate Summit was born, and its been quite successful – several startups have blossomed from its events.

The next Pirate Summit is this September and still has tickets available, if you’re interested. Organisers are anticipating more than 2,000 participants. If you’re not interested, do still check out Pirate Summit’s website if you want to see the wild vibrancy of its past events (that’s the other great thing about this initiative – its website is brilliant, which is why I’ve linked to it so many times).

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