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In anticipation of our EU Effective Practice Guide to Youth-Led Green Job Creation Initiatives, which will be released in August, we decided to start a blog series about our favourite job creation initiatives.

First, a little background, even if the ‘EU Effective Practice Guide to Youth-Led Green Job Creation Initiatives’ is a fairly self-explanatory title. Peace Child has been commissioned by the EU to produce a definitive guide to job creation initiatives across Europe. These initiatives must be targeted towards youth or, preferably, led by youth. A green, environmental, sustainable development focus is preferred, too (we believe the youth unemployment crisis and the climate change/resource depletion crisis share the same solution in the development of a green economy).

The purpose of this Effective Practice Guide (EPG) is to serve as a resource and/or inspiration for people who want to help tackle the youth unemployment crisis, who are eager to start their own job creation initiative or who want to learn more about employability, entrepreneurship, training and mentoring options in Europe.

What we’ve been working on for the last few months (or last several years, if you want to get technical) is an investigation into all these initiatives, of which there are thousands. We look into their mission, metrics and programmes, and if they meet our criteria, we include in them the index. This index is, needless to say, massive, and it grows every day.

In addition to this index, the EPG will also feature a handful of particularly stellar examples of youth-led green job creation initiatives. To complete this more descriptive section, we contacted the initiatives directly, asking for more information.

This is where our blog series come in. Rather than limit this in-depth knowledge to the EPG, we’ll be writing about these featured initiatives here as well. Each one is unique. Some are brilliantly youth-led, others are hyper green and others function effectively despite operating on a huge scale.

We’re clearly excited about the impending completion of the tremendous undertaking that is the EPG. These job creation initiatives give young people the chance to succeed and make a serious dent in Europe’s youth unemployment rates. They deserve to be recognised, replicated and rewarded.

Stay tuned for our first featured initiative blog post next week. It’ll be on the Swiss youth-led initiative ‘Euforia’.

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