COVID-19 Coronavirus: Lessons learned and how to move forward!

The pandemic that our world is facing has led to 2 things I know for certain: lots of change and unity that transcends all the different characteristics of individuals in the global population. For what seems like the first time in my lifetime, the world faces a problem which every individual can somehow relate too/ is vulnerable to despite differences in nationality, race, gender, religion or age.

At this time it feels it would be easy to make lists of the negative effects that have come about due to the current situation- so much change has suddenly happened altering what is experienced in daily life despite where you are in the world. It’s because of this I feel it is even more important to focus on the good we can create during and after this period, on how we can develop ourselves in order to start a new chapter when this duration is over.

Whilst many of us have been in self-isolation in the UK and around the world, there are several worries that have been expressed to me from fellow youth including the difficulties there may be to get a job after this period, struggles to maintain motivation in studies and daily life and upsets due to a feeling that society was operating in a way that didn’t prioritise the protection of human life highlighted as the spread of the coronavirus unfolded. But one thing I truly feel self-isolation has proven to me is the power of a single individual as just one individual’s choice to self-isolate can stop the spread of the virus to so many subsequently saving lives. Through the current lockdown, we now have the opportunity to reflect on the changes we would like to see in ourselves and in society and take action to be part of the positive change through using the tools, sites, courses and so many other things we are so fortunate to have access to through the internet!

Whilst trying to stay safe and healthy during this time has led to a change in the daily pace of life and activities which we would have previously taken part in, it is also a time of amazing opportunity to develop ourselves and try out new things we may of otherwise not had time for, especially for those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to the internet!

Therefore we have collated a list of some amazing online resources to save you some time which you can see by clicking here, but as well as that, here some tips to help prepare for the job search after the lockdown ends:

  • Update your CV
  • Try to increase your contacts and reconnect with people
  • Think about what type of job you would like and the skills you need
  • Identify a few areas you think you may need to gain experience & knowledge in
  • Reach out and ask for help
  • Use this time to help prepare

When it comes to improving self-motivation, some ways of doing so which have helped me include setting yourself a structured plan for the day which you are confident in following, doing some exercise/ get a bit of fresh air where possible, reach out to people to talk- we are all together in this, and take breaks to do something you enjoy!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy! If you would like the opportunity to write a blog about your experience during this time or about anything else please do get in contact with the peace child team using!

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