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Coronavirus Activities – Online Resources

Whilst trying to stay safe and healthy during this time has led to a change in the daily pace of life and activities which we would have previously taken part in, it is also a time of amazing opportunity to develop ourselves and try out new things we may of otherwise not had time for, especially for those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to the internet!

Here are some useful links to help in your search for something new:

Skills and training

Here are some links to sites that have some good tips and resources, useful when trying to develop your cv, professional skills, problem-solving etc:

Free Digital Training:

Work experience, apprenticeships and volunteering:

Here are some opportunities to gain some great experience to put on your CV:

Stories & Motivational:

Staying motivated is sometimes challenging but it so important, here are some encouraging stories to help keep you going:

Opportunities for self-development

Choose from a massive variety of university-led courses from photography to physics so you can learn about that topic you never quite had time for:

Explore and develop your creativity through these digital classes- you can even share a project of your own:

Coronavirus advice and support for Young People

Advice on how to respond to the current pandemic:

Support for youth struggling with mental health:

A ‘CoronaVirus support hub’ for youth and action plan for moving ahead:

Advice for Entrepreneurs and young workers during COVID-10

A ‘guide to startup resources during the COVID-19 outbreak’:

‘Advice For Funded Small Businesses And Those Seeking Funding’:

Here is an article that gives insight into how your work may be affected by COVID-19:

Video Suggestions

Inspirational Viewing

Tips for working at home and staying productive

Young entrepreneurs- what they have learnt

Vlog about how young entrepreneur created his company (Gymshark)