7 Easy Ways to Celebrate Peace Day

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Every 21 September is Peace Day. It’s a day to lay down our weapons in every conflict, from full-on wars to personal spats, and promote the ideals of peace, love and harmony.

Organisations like Peace One Day use the ceasefires of Peace Day to support war-torn areas and provide much-needed care to the ravaged populations aid workers can’t normally reach. For those among us who aren’t humanitarian workers in conflict zones, Peace Day is a time for reflection, commemoration and celebration.

We came up with seven super easy ways to celebrate Peace Day. Whether you use Peace Day for personal reflection or a massive event, you are honouring its purpose. Doing a single thing on this list is enough!

1. Moment of Silence at 12 Noon

Join billions of your fellow humans around the world by falling silent at 12:00 noon on Peace Day. Remember those heroes who gave their lives to secure peace, those who are still fighting for it and those who suffer in wait for it.

2. Throw a Peace Party

Gather together your friends, family and neighbours and have a Peace Day barbecue or a Peace Day picnic or a Peace Day dinner. The 21st of September falls on a Sunday this year, so it’s the perfect day to bring everyone together. Include international dishes. Invite enemies. Play John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. Whatever gets the people in your life thinking about peace.

3. Watch PeaceCast

For a solid 48 hours, you can watch free, live-streaming, peace-promoting Peace Day events online with PeaceCast. An entertaining compilation of people, events and art from all over the world, PeaceCast is a way to engage with the global community and the ideals of peace without leaving your desk chair.

4. Give to Charity

With millions of men, women and children struggling for survival in developing nations all over the world, consider marking this Peace Day with a show of support. There are thousands of charities out there that are working for peace, international development and humanitarian causes. Support a charity like the Red Cross or UNICEF, or donate to us here at Peace Child International. Your money will help us provide Ebola prevention materials for our Be the Change Academy teams in West Africa.

5. Plant a Tree

Millions have planted trees for peace since Peace Day’s inception. More than just a symbol of tolerance, patience and renewal, trees have a practical purpose for peace, too. So much conflict stems from the degradation of our environment. And social cohesion and human security are a fundamental part of sustainable development.

6. Get the Word Out

Spread awareness of Peace Day by phoning your local newspaper, radio station (special set for DJs!), TV station – any media outlet you can think of. Posting on social media is a given. Use #PeaceDay to join the collective.

7. Energise your Community

Peace Day is about action as well as reflection. Organise a Peace Day march, walk, game, concert, art exhibit, festival or craft fair. All over the planet, from glittering cities to isolated villages, Peace Day concerts, forums and festivals are organised. People in Pennsylvania are holding a documentary screening. Some Pakistanis are organising a discussion group. Australians are preparing a ‘bowling and sausage sizzle’, and South Africans are getting together for a flash mob. Visit International Day of Peace for hundreds of ideas for Peace Day events from all over the world.

Source: internationaldayofpeace.org

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