Safeguarding Policy

Peace Child works with some of the most vulnerable young women in the world. We are committed to keeping both children and young people safe and to protect them from physical, emotional and sexual harm. We pride ourselves on providing a safe learning environment for children and young people.

Dealing with Concerns

Any concerns you have will always be listened to and taken seriously. We strive to ensure that reports are thoroughly investigated and that any allegations of abuse made are dealt with fairly, quickly, and consistently in a way that provides effective protection for the child/young person and at the same time appropriately supports the accused person.

We train our employees and partners to help them identify children and young people who are suffering, or are likely to suffer significant harm. We also offer training on taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure the child or young person is kept safe.

If you have any concerns please report the allegation directly to our Safe Guarding Officer Rosey Simonds at As soon as possible prepare a written statement which provides an account of the situation in which the allegation was made.

Our board will be notified and carry out a full investigation. During this time the parties concerned will not be allowed into direct contact until the investigation has been satisfactorily resolved. Peace Child will keep employees informed of the progress of the investigation.

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