PCI has built a formidable reputation in the educational sector through its forward-thinking approach to the development of educational materials. By including young people in the design and development of these materials, PCI has built an impressive library of publications and lesson plans. Topics addressed include sustainability, youth empowerment, human rights and communication skills, to name but a few. This archive provides an invaluable resource to educational practitioners as the majority of lesson plans can easily be executed in schools, youth or community groups.


Human Rights Lesson Plans

Co-Management Booklet

Description: The way to measure excellence in youth participation with adults is the extent to which the young participants feel ownership of the project on which they are working and, equally, the extent to which the adult participants feel satisfied by the contribution made by the young people

Nothing for us Without us

Description: A  youth-led development starter kit prepared by the 540 delegates who attended the World Youth Congress in Stirling, Scotland, from 29th July to 8th August 2005

Gender Journey

Description: Understanding the issues surrounding gender

Advocacy Toolkit

Description: Learn advocacy skills

Energy Revolution

Description: How to we prepare and create a energy revolution

So You Wanna Be A Campaigner

Description: A advocacy toolkit and campaign toolkit for young people with a passion for social good

Sustainable Development

Recuse Mission Planet Earth

GEEBIZ Compendium Book

Description: Compendium Book showcasing different projects on the field of innovation and green economy

An Introduction to Sustainable Human Development

Description: What is development?

Sustainable Human Development and Human Rights

Description: What are Human Rights?

Sustainable Human Development and Society

Description: What is Society?

Sustainable Human Development and Environment

Description: How the environment and sustainable human development are interlinked

Sustainable Human Development and Economics

Description: How sustainable human development and globalisation can co-exist.

Visioning and Implementing a Green Future

Description: Some of the simple steps needed to start thinking and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ambassador Pack

Description: An Introduction to Sustainable Development Young people educating young people to make a difference through the choices they make and the way they live their lives. A Project of Peace Child International sponsored by DEFRA


Rio+20 Workbook

Alpha Omega Lesson Pack

Rio+20 Day of Action

Rio+20 Lesson Plan

Description: A guide on how to talk about Rio+20 & sustainable development at school

The Importance of Rio+20

Description: Green growth + equity = sustainability

Road to Rio beyond 2050 20-min. Cabaret

Description: Time Travel TV Chat Show

Peach Child for Rio+20

Description: If you want to perform this script, Please contact: – for the scores, production notes, lesson plans etc. These will be mounted on the site later. The White House, Buntingford, U.K. SG9 9AH Copyright © Peace Child International, July 1981; March 2011 Original Script Songs; Lyrics by David Woollcombe by David Gordon by Bernard S. Benson 1


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