How to get noticed in a world full of 7.7 Billion People

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In the past, to get seen or heard you had to go through a gatekeeper first. To write an article, you had to pitch to an editor. Today, you can post your own on Medium page. To publish a book, you had to submit your work to a publishing house. Today you can self-publish using Amazon Books. If you wanted to get your music heard, you had to get signed by a record label. Now you can upload your music to Spotify.

The game has changed. There are no more gatekeepers. And young people from all around the world recognise this. Thanks to the web, we now have an equal platform to showcase our talents. In short, creativity has been democratised. Today, the right mix of talent, perseverance and resonance will get you everywhere. It’s no wonder we’re seeing the emergence of a legion of young entrepreneurs, creators and side hustlers. That explains why 82% of young people want to start their own business.

Put simply, it has never been easier to start something.

At the same time, it has never been more difficult to be heard or seen in a sea full of noise. Here are some fundamentals for young people when it comes to getting noticed. These can be equally applied to building a personal brand, landing your dream job or starting your own business.

1. Establish your values first

The journey begins with establishing your core values. Think of these as guiding principles which inform everything that you do. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “He who has a way to live for can bear almost any how”. To bring this point to life, my personal value is “All humans are equal; opportunity is the only thing which separates us”. Therefore, the work I do, the articles I write and the things I post about on social media reflect this belief. My mission is to combat creative inequality. Perhaps one of the best videos to watch on the subject is Simon Sinek’s start with why. On a more practical level, establishing your guiding principles will ensure that your work, content and actions are in line with your own core values and beliefs. Empowering you to be strategic in your approach, rather than tactical.

2. Build a body of work

Once you’ve established your core beliefs and values. The next stage of the journey is manifesting them into the real world through action. After all, purpose without action is pointless. It’s like signing up to the gym but never attending. You can action your purpose in a variety of different ways, in fact, I would recommend tailoring it towards your skillsets and end goal. For example, I’m currently working in the creative industries.

That’s why I decided to build my own personal website:

In the 21st century, your personal website becomes the most important real estate you can own. The digital age has meant that any potential employer, associate or client is likely to google your name before even meeting you in person. Having your own personal website ensures that you’re able to represent yourself in the best light possible; enabling you to use your own words and narrative, as opposed to what others say about you. Similarly, you can do the same on social media, making sure that all content is founded on your core beliefs and values.

3. Share your views with the world

The final stage in the process is sharing your work with the wider world. Once you’ve established your values and built an online portfolio to share your views, it’s now time to shout about it. The aim now is to reach a wider audience. Once again, how you do this will depend on your industry, area of expertise and end goal. However, there are some commonalities which can be applied across all sectors. These include: publishing a thought piece like this one which I’ve written for Peace Child International, getting featured in a reputable publication, speaking on stage about your area of expertise and finally sharing your work with others.

The ability to share your views and work with the world becomes infinitely more effective when you know exactly what and why you’re sharing it in the first place. Finally, be realistic, yet optimistic – don’t expect to be on the first page of a national newspaper on your first attempt (though fantastic if you’re are) but if you keep going and putting yourself out there you will receive continuous incremental dividends.

The more you do, post or share, the more you will receive – it’s a virtuous cycle.

Written by Kian Bakhtiari

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