Aim of the project

Research shows that before the pandemic, over a third of children in Luton were growing up in poverty.

Inequalities often begin at a very early age, holding back development and access to opportunities, particularly when children reach the age when they start thinking about their future.

Our project will improve young people’s life chances and help them develop the skills and confidence they need to a be part of, and contribute to, the local economy and wider community, transforming the lives of over 3,600 young people in Luton (aged 5-20).


In line with the objectives of Peace Child, the project values are based around key goals from the UN Sustainability Goals, Collaboration, Equality, Integrity, Compassion, Diversity, Respect, Sustainability, Innovative, Empowerment and Integration.

Peace Child works to empower disadvantaged young people to bring about change and ensures they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence needed to achieve their full potential. This goal has been achieved through highly innovative and dynamic training alongside mentoring programmes in employability and youth-led projects across 40 years


The project will be providing young people the opportunity to engage with activities that will help them develop vital transferable skills and empower them to have a voice in their future.

We will focus on developing and understanding to address two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 12 ‘Climate Action’ and Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’.  These two goals have been selected as they are easily understood by young people. They will be able to take action to help achieve the goals at a local level and in ways that directly impact their lives.

The programme will be delivered through an in-depth, immersive information session and workshops where young people will get the opportunity to learn about the UN SDGs, what they mean and how their achievement would lead to a better and more sustainable future for all.

Through the Peace Child International’s network we will invite young delegates from other countries to take part in the workshop and discuss the topics with the participants. Following the workshops young people will be asked to develop local solution based projects to help achieve the goals.

Pilot Project 2021

Due to restrictions during 2021 we piloted the project with a number of school and youth organisations in Luton. The outcomes formed the first action plan:

How can we ensure we save the future of our planet led by the young people of Luton supported through PCI Ambassadors.

The outcomes of the project  was shared at a Virtual Event on the 25th June 2021  hosted by Samia Akram & Chris Nicholls.

We were fortunate to have an amazing panel:  
Sarah Owen MP

Rachel Hopkins MP

Adrian Rogers, CEO Chiltern Learning Trust
Erc Masih, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire

Corrie Bateman, CEO Pioneer Learning Trust

Denbigh High School

Lets Go Zero

Led by Ms Skidar and Ms Corder

“How can we make the roads safer for us to travel to school? Stop people parking on pavements.”

Rosey “Well done Denbigh – very clear and practical goals.”

Mrs C: “Absolutely Denbigh High School! There is no way we should have anybody on this planet without clean water.

“Denbigh students always ambitious and committed to protecting the environment and helping people within our community and all over the world”

Youth Scape

Gods Good Earth

Led by David Walford

“Stunning artwork, with intent so beautifully articulated”

“So great for us to see the issue from the arts point of view. Look forward to the Luton Project.”

“WOW how amazing was the artwork”

“These are such important issues we need to explore the spiritual link to all religions”

Next Generation Youth Theatre

Led by Lauren

“A Happy ending (and indeed each and every moment of life) to each and everyone in the planet! Because we can!”

“Amazing talent in Luton”

“Impressive work from all schools and organisations – everyone needs to see and hear from these young people.  Where is our national platform?”

Chiltern Academy

How can we use chemistry to save the world?

Led by Ms Oluwadare

The young scientists have done some research with the support of the Brilliant Club. How can we save the world using Chemistry?

“Future scientists – very talented young people and look at how articulate they are. WOW!”

Chantry Primary School

“The Green Team”

Led by Mr Kelly

They have been busy ensuring our local community is clean for everyone.

Sarah Owen “Please invite me to the next clean up I want to be part of the Green Team”

“Very confident and articulate young people. You’re doing a great Job.”

Putteridge High School

Worldwide Crisis – Poverty

UN Poverty Presentation PutteridgeLed by Ms Hull

Mrs C “Superb research Putteridge” Adrian” Shocking stats on child poverty”

“Poverty and deprivation in our town is very real. Putteridge you did a great job 👏”

“What about digital poverty?”

Barnfield College

Sustainability in Luton

Led by Ms Barry

“Barnfield certainly answered my question!”

“Superb what can be done at local level to sustain/maintain the young people’s enthusiasm.”

“Barnfield well done. The Luton council needs to do lot of thinking”

“Amazing work well done!”

Denbigh Primary School

Let’s act now – how can we all make a difference TODAY!

Led by Ms Salmon

The young pupils have been proactive in motivating everyone to make a change. The adapted the song “I have a feeling” To reduce waste, they have designed created face masks and bags from recycled materials. Can’t wait to buy mine!

Adrian : “lots of entries, so impressive. Mr H must be very proud, what an outstanding school!”

“Denbigh Primary were fantastic”

“So great to see Denbigh Primary’s input  – they have done so much work towards this.”


Project Team:

David Woollcombe Rosey Simonds Vinod Tailor Chris Nicholls
Louise Landman Adriana Poglia CEO                         Samia Akram – Project Lead

What Next?