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Chrysalis LEAP is our next feature. We like the initiative because it focusses on two things we love: entrepreneurship and environmentalism. Chrysalis LEAP provides training, mentorship and networking assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs with a cleantech idea.

Chrysalis LEAP is Cyprus’s first ever accelerator programme, meaning it helps entrepreneurs nurture their idea, develop a business plan, meet with investors, etc. It took a long time for founder Alexandros Charalambides to get his initiative idea off the ground, but since Chrysalis LEAP’s launch, it has come a long way in a very short time.

In 2013, Chrysalis LEAP had more than 60 applications, and 20 teams got free training. Out of those, five teams got free mentoring and one business idea got funded by the EU. Chrysalis LEAP doesn’t limit itself to applications from Cypriots alone either. Yes, it aims to promote ‘the spirit of entrepreneurship in sustainable development in Cyprus’, but who wouldn’t want to move to Cyprus to start a business?

At the moment, Chrysalis LEAP is accepting applications for a huge cleantech business competition in Europe. The winners not only get thousands in euros but also the chance to enter Chrysalis LEAP’s partner Climate-KIC’s accelerator.

So far, Chrysalis LEAP on its own has worked on five ridiculously clever cleantech business ideas. One, called MICAPE or Micro Aerodynamic Power Engine, harnesses the wind produced by cars on motorways to generate energy. Another business idea, Brigantia, is a ‘plug n play’ solar panel, which we would totally buy.

In conclusion, Chrysalis LEAP is young and brilliant and clean. What’s not to like?

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