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At 19 years old, after being unemployed for 14 months, Carly Ward made the courageous decision to create her own job by starting a business. When she realised what a lack of resources there were for people in her position, she decided that her business could be part of the solution. She now runs YES Education which provides a network and education opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Carly says: The world of work is changing dramatically and you can no longer go to school, college, university, write a CV and get a good job quite as easily as previous generations have. Entrepreneurship is becoming a way of life for some people who have not been able to get a job in this tough market… starting a business is often a necessity.

The problem is that our education system just isn’t doing enough to give young people the skills they need to start out and survive in business. This is something which Carly, having experienced it first hand, feels very strongly about: “Young people need to be educated more about what entrepreneurship is all about… perhaps there would be less young people unemployed today if our education system encouraged creativity in young people and helped them do some proper career planning instead of just being driven by academia and exam results, which in the end have no use in the real world of work or to employers.”

With over 1 million young people unemployed in the UK, entrepreneurship is something that we should be taking more seriously and championing the best we can. As Carly points out, it’s entrepreneurs who create more jobs in the long term. Along with initiatives like Carly’s, what we need is a more flexible education system that doesn’t dictate to young people that finding a job is the only option, or right option, for everyone. We need to champion entrepreneurship, along which with apprenticeships and vocational courses, so that young people can be a positive driving force in our economy.

For more information on YES Education visit http://www.youngentrepreneursociety.org.uk

Article written by Annie Knapman. Follow her on @annieknapman
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