What Year 10s said about the programme:

“One thing I learned from today is that you have to be smart and look like you want the job.”

“I learnt how to act in an interview and what to say and how to portray myself because it will be useful in the future.”

“My favourite activity was where wrote a passport including our passions, attributes, mottos and our dreams because we have to think about what we want to do in the future. “

“My favourite activity was judging the CVs because I got to see  whole range of different ideas and things that people like and can do.”

“My favourite session was what to do in a job interview because it made me think on my feet and it gave me an understanding what employers are looking for. Also the people running the session were helpful and kind in what we do.”

What Ambassadors said about the programme:

“Instructions were simple and easy to explain” – Connie

“I think the Year 10s realized things about themselves, eg. Strengths”

“I’ve never really appreciated teachers before.  I respect teachers a lot more after this.” –  Boris

“I learned to reflect on my life. Right now is the best time to do it.” – Emmanuel

‘ I was unsure of going into teaching until I completed the Work the Change programme. Leading sessions and supporting younger students has given me the confidence and direction that I needed. I am now researching BEd courses for 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed the day’ – Liam

What Teachers Thought

“Year 10s can relate to VI formers far more than to teachers. The Ambassadors were passionate and enthusiastic and they connected with Year 10s.” Year 10 Teacher –Chauncey School, Ware

“Following the workshops with Year 10s I have had the most relaxed Friday afternoon for 6 months. The atmosphere feels different today.”
Head of Year 10s – Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich