Following the Work the Change programme at Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich were  year 10s asked to highlight:

1. One thing that they had learned from the experience

2. What their favourite activity was

3. What their favourite module was

What emerged from their responses was that each of the programme’s modules offered something different to the students.

1. One thing that they had learned from the experience

In stating one thing that they had learned from the activity the clear message was that year 10s had learned a great deal about two of the most important pre-employment stepping stones – the CV and the interview (Modules 2 & 4).

With regards to the Module 4 their responses included:

Highlighting the need for such a module

‘ I was unsure about how to do so before’

Showing their enthusiasm to learn more

‘it was something that I wanted to learn the most’

Evidencing just what they had learned

‘ how to structure a CV’

When referring to the Module 2 students gave a similarly broad appraisal of its impact, referencing a lot of different factors.

Body language

‘how my body language is an important part when going into a job interview and my posture’

Employers’ perspectives

‘How businesses see you’

The importance of the topic.

‘ because it will be useful in the future’

2. What Their Favourite Activity Was

The favourite activity among the year 10s at Thomas Tallis was a teamwork exercise that forms part of Module 3.

The students really responded to this enjoyable yet productive exercise and recognised its importance.

‘we got to see how important teamwork is’

it gave us a better understanding of teamwork’

They managed this while still having a good time.

‘we worked well in a team but still had fun’

Another popular exercise was the passport activity from Module 1.

Students appreciated the chance to learn more about what them tick.

‘we got to see ourselves, what our passions and strengths were and could identify our own traits and learn more about ourselves.’

It also taught them to bear in mind their personal passions and strengths when looking toward their future careers.

‘My favourite activity was where we wrote a passport including our passions, attributes, mottos and our dreams because we have to think about what we want to do in the future.’

3. What their Favourite Module Was

Overall when it came to identifying what their favourite session was, the pupils were hard pressed to select a clear favourite.

Some liked the energy and vibrancy offered by Module 1

‘it was fun and everyone had some energy and fun to be around.’

‘because we worked together with different people.’

Others enjoyed the practicality of Module 2

‘Learning what to do in a job interview because it made me think on my feet and it gave me an understanding what employers are looking for.’

The fun and engaging exercises of Module 3 made it a winner for some

“At the Workplace – because it was the most fun and interesting. Also we got to play games and have a competition.”

And still others responded best to the structured step by step approach to CV writing laid out in Module 4.

‘The CV session because I know to write a CV, what employers will look for and it was very fun’

From the pupils’ reactions we get a clear impression of a programme that tackles many of their employability needs in a fun engaging manner. On top of that the wide variety of exercises that WTC uses makes sure that pupils of all abilities can come away with from the day with something.