Tools Across Continents

Tools of the Trade Across Continents

The level of connection needed to sustain many freelance and independent careers, especially across continents, would not be possible without internet tools that we take for granted today.

For a start, it’s easy to find ways to get the necessary funding to be independent as an entrepreneur when setting up your own business.

Crowdsourcing networks help budding business owners to seek and find financial support for their careers and projects. Social media and online collaborative working tools which have begun to reach maturity change the way the work environments think’s and deploys. File transfer software has replaced heavy hard drives. In the same way, platforms have reduced big financial challenges. Leading to group backers, people and support you have never met coming together to invest. Web chat links provide virtual means of hosting meetings and cloud services allow documents to be worked on by several people in real time.

Tools for crafting an online business have also become much more intuitive and easy to use for non-specialists. This is where social media has also has created opportunities for freelancers and entrepreneurs to share their work with a much wider audience and faster than was previously possible.

Where is this leading?

Virtual reality platforms have been experimented with and dropped as many times as 3D glasses in a cinema screening. However, now this platform is becoming fully embraced as a tool, real innovations are being seen from industry to peacekeeping. We live in a world where tangible objects are integral to problem-solving. Virtual reality allows for objects to interface and for people to interact directly.

A scientist in Belgium can now work with an engineer in Africa without leaving his laboratory. Innovative untried bespoke engineering techniques to solve water filtration and the harnessing of natural energy can be fixed by the means of onsite experts via virtual reality. Problems can be shared and solved more conveniently. Ensuring the human factors of time, economics and functional need can be met. Challenges can be identified and tested to see how a novice can fix the issue rather than relying on professional services such as parametric CAD system or working within a laboratory clean bay.

Communicators can see and experience not only the problem but also the environmental pressures. Bringing in system thinking that is empathy driven. Technical barriers are broken down into a manageable conversation by trying out the solution together. Empathy before a solution gives a greater understanding and helps reach long-term solutions. Placing these intuitive platforms into the hands of non-specialists can be game-changers, leading to a powerful move forward in basic living standards, business, situations of conflict and social empowerment.

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Written by Laurie Bouchard, our Digital Strategist here at Peace Child. 

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