Working with young people is Peace Child International’s (PCI) purpose. The World Youth Congress offers us an unequalled opportunity to meet inspirational young community leaders from all over the world and witness the incredible impact their efforts have achieved. Consequently, the unique platform of the World Youth Congress led to the formation of the Affiliates Programme.

This programme offers young people undertaking projects around the world a chance to become a member of the PCI network. The prospective affiliate is offered an opportunity to take advantage of PCI’s many years of experience in the field of youth empowerment. Upon being selected, affiliate organisations profit in numerous ways: they can collaborate closely with PCI on their projects, benefit from increased exposure or gain assistance from PCI’s extensive network.

This page will serve as a hub for our affiliates, providing access to information on their wonderful organisations. Alternatively, if you want to become a member of the PCI network, please do not hesitate to contact us.