Quebec 2008: Regeneration


The 4th  WYC, whose theme was regeneration, was hosted by Quebec, then celebrating its 400th anniversary, and was attended by 525 youth delegates from 110 countries worldwide.

The WYC was evolving, this edition witnessed:

  • The first World Youth Walk”
  • Technology plays a greater role than ever –  increase in online engagement.

The week was split into 2 halves, with the first half focusing on skills building, and the second half on action.

The skills building component was subdivided into 5 categories:

  • Collective entrepreneurship.
  •  Health.
  •  Education.
  •  Women and development.
  •  Human rights.

These 5 categories provided the building blocks for later activities.

The action component saw delegates team up with 34 partner organisations, to collaborate on a wide range of projects ranging from the scripting and shooting of a public service announcement on sustainable resource management to learning about urban organic farming.

The WYC received 600 funding applications, 15 of which were selected to receive funding. Of those 15

  • 4 were from Latin America – including Bloques de Inclusión, an Argentinian slum-based brick making initiative.
  • 7 from Africa –  including a Tanzanian effort to install solar panels at a school.
  • 2 from Asia –  including a skills and literacy course for young Afghans.
  • 2 from Eastern Europe.

The Quebec WYC also produced the handbook “A Celebration of Youth-Led Development”, which

  • Highlights the importance of youth action.
  • Calls for greater support from both the private and public sectors.

Finally, starting in Quebec PCI started the young educators’ programme and as a result produced The World Lesson Plans.