Hawaii 1999: Where it all began

On the tropical Pacific island of Hawaii, under the influence of the Aloha spirit, the fledgling World Youth Congress series took its first steps.

The congress’s main aim was to establish young people’s priorities for the new millennium. In the process the delegates unanimously identified education as the main priority.

Did you Know?

8 of the 10 priorities listed by the young delegates were included by the UN among their Millennium Development Goals.

Taking inspiration from that famous call for self-reliance “you have to be the change you want to see in the world”, Be the Change! was founded:

  • A youth-led sustainable development action programme.
  • Gives funding to young people to undertake small-scale sustainable community improvement projects in disadvantaged areas.

Be the Change also lent its name to the congress report, “Be the Change: Youth Solutions for the New Millennium”.