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The “Greenovators” or GEEBIZ family is a group of likeminded young entrepreneurs from around the world, united by the purpose of leading the transition to a Green Economy. All equally blessed with intrepid vision, their remarkable stories signpost the future.

GEEBIZ_123Chris (USA), Alina (Romania) & Ravi (India)

Citizen Energy Corporation – United States

Chris (24) and Edwin (28) are the founders of the Citizen Energy Corporation, a consultancy firm based in Orlando, Florida, which dispenses advice on how to reduce energy costs.

This is a 3-step guide to how they do it:

  1. By educating young people and their customers about the energy efficiency life-cycle: the technique to assess the environmental impact of a product from the raw materials through the production process to recycling.
  2. By leading comprehensive assessments of a building’s energy efficiency.
  3. By partnering with universities, industries, local governments, and community organisations to make student-driven market transformation happen.

Creative Recycling – Romania

How we manage our waste is a key sustainability issue, one to which Reciclare Creativa has formed a uniquely imaginative response.

“Creative recycling means people being passionate about transforming objects, material, little things, parts and pieces into interesting and useful things, or simply to try pure and crazy art…as a manifesto of our own creativity”.

In an environment still influenced by communism’s drearily functional approach to creativity, Reciclare Creativa marks an inspirational departure, seeking as it does to tap into the wealth of creative exuberance bubbling just below the surface.

Reciclare Creativa is all about communities. By linking architects, designers, artists, schools and youth centres together, Reciclare Creativa employs the concept of the reuse of waste to

  • Organise workshops
  • Redesign community spaces

Moreover, in the near future Reciclare Creativa intends to construct the first building made solely from recyclable materials in Romania. It is hoped that this space will provide a community facility for art workshops.

Renergy Technologies – India

Ravi (21), the CEO of Renergy Technologies, has a vision:

“There is a need to build the Green Economy to have a future which is sustainable and provides equal opportunities for all. Green Technologies are the only long term solutions to the problems the world is facing today”

In that vein, Renergy Technologies turns 2 problems:

  • 1. Restricted access to electricity – one third of rural India’s population live without electricity.
  • 2. Waste disposal.

Into 1 solution:

  •  Pursuing the application of agricultural and municipal waste in energy generation.

The undertaking of such an ambitious project requires that Renergy Technologies adopt a multi-faceted approach to energy production. To that end Renergy Technologies run:

  • PVC Biogas plants.
  • Community solar cooker solutions.

In order to ensure that rural dwellers are able to access these technologies, loans are secured from partnering banks, which can be repaid in monthly instalments.

Renergy Technologies focus on sustainable energy solutions means that:

  • People in rural India can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.
  • The standard of living is improved  – Children can study after dark – Women can cook and work after dark.