Katie Christie Then

Katie Christie (centre) in 1988

Katie Christie


1988 Latvia Tour
1989 Latvia Reunion Tour
Board Member
Artistic Director Leningrad Tour
Artistic Director South Africa
World Youth Congress Quebec
World Youth Congress Istanbul 


My long journey with Peace Child began in July 1988 and continues to the present. 


I’m the founder and Director of Voices United (formerly Peace Child Miami), designed to utilize the arts as a catalyst for social justice and equity while nourishing and connecting warriors of change locally, nationally, and globally. I founded the organization just after returning from my first Peace Child tour. At the same time, I’ve spent more than 30 years working professionally at various organizations, schools and institutions including, Roundabout Theatre Company, The YWCA, YoungArts and Yale School of Drama. I’m currently living in Lesotho building The Voices United Village which supports Basotho artists in developing performances that center the voice and needs of the community so they can activate their natural power as warriors of change. We expect to be hosting artists from around the world as early as January 2022.  


How wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate Peace Child’s 40th Birthday in a time when commitment to change is needed immensely. Peace Child has been making change with a passion and I’m grateful to have it as a beacon of hope in my life. My involvement with Peace Child changed my life. I would not do what I do if it weren’t for my experiences in Latvia in 1988 were I learned that I could change the world through the arts, and that’s what I went on to do. I also made some of the most amazing friendships I’ll ever have. Thank you Peace Child and to David & Rosey for believing in me and for the endless inspiration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEACE CHILD!! MAY YOU CONTINUE TO INSPIRE CHANGE IN ALL OF US FOR DECADES TO COME!!