The purpose of this Effective Practice Guide to Youth-Led Green Job Creation Initiatives in Europe (EPG) is to serve as a resource and inspiration for people who want to help tackle the youth unemployment crisis, who are eager to start their own job creation initiative or who want to learn more about employability, entrepreneurship, training and mentoring options in Europe. It’s made up of four major sections:

1. Explanations about causes and effects of the crisis; the solutions the green economy and corporate social responsibility can offer; the approaches initiatives take to help create jobs; and the practices of the most effective job creation initiatives.

2. In-depth descriptions of 14 programmes that serve as examples of effective practice.

3. A massive index of 900+ job creation initiatives all across Europe.

4. An interactive map of job creation initiatives worldwide.

Download the index of 900+ youth-led green job creation initiatives in Europe here.

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Youth unemployment is a global phenomenon, as relevant in the Global North as the Global South. Following a European Union grant in 2012 to look at examples of effective practice of youth job creation in Europe, we started to research and find out what was going on at a global level, too.

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