Emerging Job Roles Of The Future

The rate of emerging markets creates demand for new roles within employment sectors.

An estimated 60+% of future job titles have not been identified or even invented. The past years I have personally found myself being asked what title ‘would I like’ … My response is often stating my previous title and co-naming that to the task my employer would like me to fulfil in my new role going forward. This really gets my creative daydream thoughts kicking in … asking me to come up with a job role title for myself is a bit like saying what do I want to do when you grow up … lead snorkel diver on Enceladus, a senior archaeological robotic archivist? Perhaps, multiverse media photographer?

Maybe, I need to reign it in?

However, who knows what the future holds regarding unheard job roles within IT, alternative energy and global commerce. Exponential population growth, automated transportation and private space enterprises require rapid technological advancement. Alongside these advancements comes the change in human roles. Artificial intelligence is integrating into every area of our lives. Deep thinking systems and robotic advancements are gradually finding a way into our homes, transport and workplaces. Global enterprises and warehouses systems are now automated and run by a series of robots. Amazon has increased its staff to 45,000 working robots. Elon Musk’s Tesla factory is a team of 360 axis robotic arms with incremental speed changes at the touch of a line of code. However, before allowing thoughts of employability anxiety, consider that the technological generation is creating as many jobs as it is automating.

So what skills should workers be acquiring to make sure they have value?

David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University suggests that skills in sharing and negotiating will be most crucial. Ultimately, in the workplace ethic’s and morals will come largely into play. In a modern workplace, where the expectation of staff to move between a variety of project roles, closely resembles school classrooms. An environment where we learn social skills such as empathy, cooperation and task sharing. Currently, many jobs requiring mathematical skills have been automated. Which to many of us is a huge relief. Although, bank tellers and statistical workers have suffered. Roles which require social skills such elderly care and childcare, for example, still tend to be very poorly paid as the supply of potential workers is much larger than those with mathematical skills despite the high need for social care workers. The study shows that in the future, workers who hold the ability to combine mathematical and interpersonal skills with ease in the evolving knowledge-based driven economies of the future should find many opportunities. Knowledge is power, however, the ethics of this power will be far more transparent and scrutinized.

The challenge is for educators to complement their teaching of technical skills like mathematics and computer science, with a focus on making sure the workers of the future have the empathy and cooperation skills to compete in the new jobs market whatever the given title might be.

There is always an element of exhilaration when thinking of the unknown, particularly your own job role.
The dreamers can dream and the realists can re-consider what accumulates to a full day’s work within an ever-increasing global population. The future of work and what it means to work looks to be open to those who wish to re-shape trade, industries and new markets. In balance to the desire for healthy satisfying lifestyles, where we will eventually understand the very optimum point at which a person works at their very best.


What is the strangest job title you have come across this year? Here are a few the team found;

– Ethical Technology Advisor

– Freelance Relationships Officer

– Nostalgist

– New Education Specialist

-Personal Content Curator

– Robot Liaison Officer

– Data cleaner


To inspire job seekers of the future. Send us a message of any exciting future job role titles that you come across.



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