Organise your own event

Put on your own fundraiser event for Peace Child. Read ideas below or get in touch for more at

Would you like to organise your own event to raise money for Peace Child International?

Why not give one of the following a try?

Share the Joy

If you’re having a wedding, birthday party or anniversary, invite your guests to donate to Peace Child International in place of buying you gifts. You can do this on Facebook by setting up a charity fundraiser and sharing it with your friends. We receive 100% of any donations through Facebook. Alternatively, you can set up a Justgiving fundraising page.

Top Tip: Consider donating under your guest’s name, in place of favours at weddings.

Tea and Cake Morning

Put your baking skills to the test and invite your family and friends round for a bake-off morning of tea and cakes. Ask them to make a small donation in return for your delicious treats. You can send donations through our website here

Top Tip: Recruit a friend to help with the baking and promotion. 

Quiz Nights

Ask your local pub to help you promote and host a fundraising quiz night during the week, they’ll be keen for the extra business too. Charge an entry price per team and have a donations pot on hand.

Top Tip: Create a theme and section your quiz into types of questions, don’t forget to add questions or activities on the table to be completed during the quiz for extra points. 

If there is another event you’d like to organise, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear about it and we’ll support you in any way we can. Please email